Houses Are Still Selling Fast!


If you’ve been contemplating the idea of selling your house, the most recent data strongly suggests that now might just be the opportune time. The housing market is displaying unusual strength for this time of year, indicating a favorable environment for potential sellers. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the factors contributing to the current market dynamics and discuss why it could be the perfect time to make your move. Additionally, for the latest updates on our local market, let’s stay connected.

1. The Unusually Strong Current State of the Housing Market:
Recent data suggests that the housing market is currently defying seasonal expectations, exhibiting a robustness that surpasses the norm for this time of year. Homes are selling faster than usual, hinting at heightened buyer interest and a market that favors sellers. This presents an enticing opportunity for those considering putting their property on the market.

2. Interest Rates and Increased Buyer Activity:
One of the driving forces behind the current strength of the housing market is the dip in current rates. With mortgage rates hovering at or lower than previous quarters, potential buyers are eager to capitalize on increasing favorable financing conditions. This small surge in buyer activity contributes to an accelerated pace of home sales, creating a conducive environment for sellers.

3. Remote Work and Changing Demographics:
The landscape of work is evolving, and remote work has become a significant factor influencing housing preferences. Individuals are reevaluating their living situations, leading to an increased demand for homes that cater to remote work needs. Sellers can leverage this trend by showcasing features that make their homes ideal for a remote work lifestyle.

4. Strategies for Sellers in this Unique Market:
Considering the current strength of the housing market, sellers can implement strategic approaches to maximize their success:

a. Accurate Pricing: Despite the rapid pace of home sales, pricing remains pivotal. Collaborate with a real estate professional to determine a competitive yet realistic asking price for your property.

b. Enhanced Presentation: Elevate your home’s appeal by focusing on curb appeal and consider professional staging. A well-presented home is more likely to capture the attention of potential buyers.

c. Digital Marketing Excellence: Leverage digital platforms and social media to effectively market your property. Engaging content, virtual tours, and high-quality photos can make your listing stand out in a bustling market.

d. Negotiation Flexibility: Given the swift nature of home sales, be prepared for expedited negotiations. Flexibility with timelines and terms can make your property more appealing to potential buyers.


Homes are selling faster than the norm for this time of year – and your house may sell quickly too. That’s because more people are looking to buy now that mortgage rates have come down, but there still aren’t enough homes to go around. Mike Simonsen, Founder of Altos Researchsays:

“. . . 2024 is starting stronger than last year. And demand is increasing each week.”

With the housing market displaying unexpected strength for this time of year, homeowners contemplating a sale may find themselves in a favorable position. Now could be the perfect moment to capitalize on increased buyer interest and secure a successful home-selling experience. For the most up-to-date information on our local market, let’s stay connected. Reach out to receive personalized insights and guidance, ensuring you make the most informed decisions in this dynamic real estate landscape.

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